segunda-feira, abril 25

The way I do!

Your kiss, your smile, your mind,  you're sunlight in my eyes, I miss your breath on my neck
When we whisper in the night, didn't wanna want you, didn't wanna need you so bad, didn't wanna wake up, and find that I was falling so fast,  didn't wanna need you, didn't wanna need anyone.
Now look what you've done, now I can't go on without you I'm naked, I cant fake it.
I'm not that strong without you, never thought I could love you the way I do.
Your touch, your skin, can't believe the way you let me in don't rush tonight, I need you like the ocean needs the tide.
I always thought I would stand on my own, climb a mountain top all alone. Relying, depending on no one. Now look at what you've done!

Never thought I could love you, never thought I could need you, never thought I could want you
The way I do!
I love you ! I need you ! I want you !
..the way I do

13 comentários:

  1. Desculpa mas tu escreves mesmo muito bem!!

  2. I've never been afraid to need you so like I need, to love you as much as I do, but honestly never thought this would happen, but now I look back and see it was inevitable to happen, you are really perfect my princess, loving you it's like a drug, I just need more and more of it :$
    I'll be here always right beside you, to help you climb the mountains that will appear in our life, together I got the strenght we need for both do it, together I'm happy like I never were, that's the source to my strenght, I'll never leave the place that I am, I'll be forever were I am, my love :$
    You really are the sunlight to my eyes +.+
    iLOVE You forever more ♥
    You're everything to me, my love :$

    You always be my baby :$
    miss you princess +.+

  3. obrigada querida , também estou a seguir-te (:

  4. obrigadíssimo agora já te estou a (per)seguir :)

  5. Obriigada minha querida :$ a música é tão linda e a letra então <3 sigo *

  6. Adorei:
    «I'm not that strong without you, never thought I could love you the way I do.» *.*