terça-feira, abril 5

I ♥ this

I have a feeling that the world begins to be small for our love ♥

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  1. obrigada :)

    gostei muito do post, grande frase :)

  2. Vais ver que é fácil :D depois diz como foi

  3. i have the same feeling, my love by you is growing every day it passes <3
    The world is not enough to hold the size of my love, and i don't know how my heart hold that love, it's so perfect what I feel by you my love <3
    I'm so happy when i have you by my side, I'm happy like I never were :$
    This love will never end, it's felted by both of us, and feelings like ours will never have an end +.+

    iLOVE You 4Ever more <3
    The world is ours, only ours
    My sweety :$